Everyone loves Stamped Concrete for its look and durability. Stamped Concrete designs are one of the most prevalent, brilliant and creative ways to create elegant and optically pleasing concrete. Stamped concrete patterns can be made using pattern molds to create your desired design stamps on wet concrete. This can be widely used to make concrete floors, stamped concrete driveways, stamped concrete patios and even stamped walkways. Additionally, our expert stamped concrete contractors in Sacramento will offer you this service at very cost-effective rates, adding value to your landscape along with your property’s outdoor space. As there is quite an array of concrete stamp color options available, our Sacramento concrete contractors will help you adequately select the color that fully complements your property’s exterior.

Benefits of Stamped Overlay

Stamped concrete pool deck :

Stained and stamped concrete pool deck

It is a combination of Portland cement, silica sand, cement hardeners and an adhesive. This allows you to enjoy concrete that looks like wood and other stamp patterns and designs that are similar to the texture of more expensive materials like natural stone, limestone, flagstone, wood, pavers and bricks.
It gives commercial or residential property with a pleasing, low-cost alternative to replacing your existing concrete. Using this application also means less mess, less yard repair, and less demolition. It is also used to enhance the visual appeal of your home or business and to improve the function of any surfaces.
This technique has been used by home and business owners throughout Sacramento, CA. In fact, many of the area’s most well-known landmarks, hotels, and other buildings utilize concrete overlays to provide a high-class look at a cheaper price.

How do you make stamped concrete overlays?

With the use of an overlay, there is no need to tear out existing concrete surfaces. Our professional stamp overlay company goes through a tried and tested stamped concrete process that brings you quality flooring.

Step 1 Preparation:

The first step is essential to ensure that the next steps will be successful. Preparation decides the look of final stamped concrete patterns. Grime, dirt, and even small cracks can ruin the adhesion of the stamp and even cause it to crack. Cleaning and priming will make the stamp last longer and apply better.

Step 2 Mixture:

The High-quality coating material is churned until there is a smooth overlay mix.

Step 3 Application:

Squeegees and other equipment are then used to spread the coat all over the surface. From years of experience, we know the techniques to avoid creating unleveled areas in stamped concrete. A thin finish is also applied afterwards for proper finish.

Step 4 Stamping:

Depending on your preference, the chosen stamped concrete stamp patterns and designs will be applied using stamp mats. As the stamped concrete looks satisfactory, it is left to dry for six hours.