When it comes to a business it is important that your concrete sidewalks are in good condition for several reasons. One of the reasons and the most important is the view that your business has, it is true that a good paint and a well cleaned sidewalk can give a better appearance, however having a well leveled sidewalk without defects, its divisions well marked and clean can give you much more better impression as a business and value to the business.

With RP Concrete we specialize in concrete sidewalk repair, it is one of our strong types of services that we offer in the company, we love our sidewalk repair work because apart from everything, we provide a better appearance to the Sacramento ca community. When it comes to parks, and public places, trying to ensure that the work is always as perfect as in a residence, and the number one reason is because of that same sidewalk, a person of the third age can walk and can stumble, apart. There are people with special needs, and a well-worked sidewalk helps them to be able to walk with less risk of having an accident.
If you have a concrete sidewalk that is cracked or uneven,it not only looks bad, but it can lead to a fall or serious injury. The good news is the concrete sideway does not have to be torn out and poured again to fix the problem. RP Concrete can raise your sinking sidewalk and prevent it from sinking further with the help of concrete sidewalk repair professionals. With PolyLevel® concrete lifting, we can make your sidewalk level again in just 15 minutes!

If you have a sunken walkway or sidewalk, contact us today to request a free estimate for concrete sidewalk repair and leveling in Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Stockton or nearby.


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Call us immediately for concrete sidewalk repair if you find it damaged. You shouldn’t delay the repair process as it can worsen the sidewalk condition and lead to expensive repairs.