Compared to Granite countertops, the CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS are more for rough use concrete countertops are tailored specifically for you – meaning there are endless design options, both functional and aesthetic. Our concrete countertops are hand-crafted in the USA with the highest quality materials and using state-of-the-art processes.

Most homeowners quickly think of their backyard as the perfect place for their family gatherings.Getting together as a family is also necessary a good dish and it is where a good Countertops in that backyard would be great.

As mentioned above there are thousands of designs that can be made to suit you as a client, hiring a professional in Concrete Countertops gives you the advantage that the contractor with all his experience, can help you to make your Countertop well balanced and reduce unnecessary waste of material.

At Rp Concrete you can be sure that if you contact us for a Countertop job in the Sacramento and Santa Rosa area, our service will be guaranteed, with quality work so that your visits are surprised, with the beautiful view that it will give you. your new countertop in your backyard

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